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Binaverse Solutions

Calgary Web Development and business solutions.

About Us

Who we are?

Binaverse Solutions is a team of designers, developers and marketing consultants based in Calgary, Canada. Since 2008, our services have included web presence management via website development, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media management. Binaverse also manages technology by way of network infrastructure design, deployment and management. Our passion lies in supporting small-medium business start up,  expand and grow.

What do we do?

Binaverse Solutions is your one stop to gaining knowledge and help when it comes to figuring out how to use technology in your day to day business. Whether it’s establishing an online presence with a simple website to attract (and keep) customers or a custom application or integration with your existing point of sale, we can do it! Got computer and/or network problems? We can handle those too, anywhere from one to hundreds of computers spread across countries if you so desire. The list of acronyms we can handle is almost endless…PHP, DOM, VPN, ESB, SAAS.Check out our complete list of services here.

Why Binaverse?

Simply because we’ve been where you are. We know that it takes a profound amount of effort and planning to build a successful brand and business. We are just like you, everyday people who are passionate and looking to make a difference helping one business at a time make their mark on the world. Whatever your goals are, we can help.